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Lillebjörn has his background in Theatre with stage technology, sound and lighting but eventually slipped into the cinema business where he first worked as a cinema projectionist for a lot of years. When the grand rollout of Digital Cinema in Sweden begun, Lillebjörn was recruited as installation engineer but quickly changed to working as a Project Manager. Once again, Lillebjörn was recruited back to his former employer, the largest cinema owner in Sweden, where he first worked as Project Manager and later as Technical Manager.

During this time, Lillebjörn has acquired extensive knowledge in the design and execution in upgrades of existing auditoriums and completely new cinemas, as well as insight of successful strategy in how cinemas should be designed.

When the founder of Cinema Design, Ulf Qvicklund, was recruited by the American audio company QSC, Lillebjörn was asked to take over the leadership of the company by the new ownership and Lillebjörn could not resist the temptation to take over after Ulf, who to Lillebjörn is a very good friend and through all his years in the industry, his main mentor.

Lillebjörn will continue to develop and refine Cinema Design in Ulf's spirit together with his co-owners and engineers.

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Tia started out as a 35mm-projectionist in the early 90s. After a couple of years in various projection booths he found an even greater interest in installing and maintaining cinema equipment. For the last ten years Tia has been working under the wings of Ulf Qvicklund as a technician, project planner and chief of installation.

Tia has a deep knowledge and experience in various cinema solutions from his many years on the field, all from installing and maintaining the highest digital quality in sound and picture at the largest film festival in Scandinavia, Gothenburg Film Festival, to installing carbon arc projectors at Karlbjärga Silent film Festival, the smallest film festival in Scandinavia.

Magnus is a veteran in this business. He is well-known throughout Sweden´s projection booths as an exceptional technician and a saver in the rye in the most difficult situations. He is as familiar to the analog- as to the digital cinema systems.

Mattias holds unique capabilities from his many years as technical manager of Göteborg Filmfestival, as well as from his long time employment as Cinema engineer installing and servicing the digital cinema systems.

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