QSC DPA-Q 8-channel amplifiers

The QSC eight channel DPA-Q and DPA-Qn Series amplifiers represent an advancement in amplifier technology coupled with outstanding integration capability as part of a Q-SYS system

DPA-Q and DPA-Qn provide efficient, robust and extraordinarily high fidelity power to drive multiple channels and configurations of loudspeakers – all with optimal energy and rack space efficiency. All models provide full Q-SYS capability with audio routing, processing and control. The amplifiers allow the user to configure and combine channels in various ways to drive a wide range of loudspeaker systems. These amplifiers not only provide the power and processing to make your system perform better, they also offer outstanding efficiency ensuring that energy costs will be kept to a minimum over the life of the installation.

Specsheet on the new series DPA-Q 8-ch 

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