Barco Smart Laser cinema projectors

Barco Smart Laser cinema projectors

Barco provides the most complete range of DCI-compliant laser and lamp-based cinema projectors in the industry to let the movie magic come to life. Barco's product line of cinema projectors offer a perfect balance between image quality and cost efficiency for every possible cinema screen

Are you looking for a future-proof and cost-effective way to upgrade your technology to laser illumination? Barco’s wide range of Smart Laser cinema projectors is what you’re looking for. Freeing you from all lamp-related hassles and costs, these projectors allow you to cut costs and simplify your operations. What’s more, they provide superior image quality.

SLP series

Barco’s entry-level Smart Laser projectors are the most cost-effective 2K laser phosphor cinema projectors for smaller movie screens (6-13 m / 20-43 ft).

Driving operational and maintenance costs down, the SLP series offers pristine images and ultimate reliability at a low TCO. As such, they’re the perfect choice if you're looking for a worry-free solution to convert your smallest screens to laser with minimal hassle and risk.

CLP series

The compact CLP projectors are a perfect match for mid-size movie screens (13-19 m / 43-62 ft wide). You can choose from two 2K Smart Laser cinema projectors to upgrade your technology to laser illumination. The DP2K-20CLP was the first 20,000-lumen laser phosphor projector in the cinema industry.

BLP series

Designed for large to mid-size movie screens (13-23 m / 43-75 ft wide), the BLP Smart Laser projector series comprises 4K and 2K projectors that provide brightness levels up to 24,500 DCI lumens and high contrast for superior image quality.

The world’s first 4K laser phosphor cinema projector, the DP4K-23BLP delivers consistent, razor-sharp, and high-contrast images with native 4K resolution and 24,500 lumens brightness.

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