QSC Q-SYS Core Series

The World’s Most Powerful Software Based DSP Solution for Audio, Video & Control


Q-SYS A Completely New Technology Platform

Q-SYS™ has no equal as an integrated, scalable audio, video and control solution. Built from the ground up on a powerful, open, IT-friendly foundation, the Q-SYS platform transcends the limitations in scope, performance, and usability that have kept previous networked audio, video and control systems from satisfying and exceeding the customer and project requirements:

  • Native integration with IT infrastructure - Q-SYS makes it easy to manage and integrate AV assets without workarounds through native network connections and built-in compatibility with IT systems like LDAP, SNMP and SIP softphones.
  • Adaptable Design - Free yourself (and your customers) from the limitations of fixed hardware. Q-SYS meets the demand for scalable, future-proof solutions with a software-based processors that runs on Intel processors. This unique design delivers an abundance of processing power to support add-on requests like AEC and AV-to-USB Bridging—minus unexpected costs and time-consuming implementations.
  • Complete solution that minimizes complexity - While the Q-SYS Platform are fully interoperable with other brands, AV channel partners who implement the complete Q-SYS solution minimize complexity, increase reliability, and experience the convenience of a single point of contact for support. Also provide minimal SKUs with multiple configurations.


  • Centralized processing architecture using Intel® processing
  • Core 500i has eight on-board slots accommodate all Q-SYS I/O cards
  • Abundant DSP capacity
  • Uses standard GigabitEthernet hardware and protocols for audio transport and control
  • Control and interface to external devices using TCP/IP, GPIO, and RS-232
  • Powerful and intuitive design GUI
  • System seamlessly integrates with QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Supports multiple levels of system redundancy
  • Q-SYS technical support is available 24/7 worldwide

Q-SYS™, QSC’s software based DSP platform, gives the systems integrator and end user a unified software design tool and feature set suitable for projects of any scale. With the bandwidth to handle even the most complex configurations, Q-SYS is ready for any job, from boardrooms and clubs to airports and stadiums.
Built from the ground up, the Q-SYS Core is at the heart of the Q-SYS system and runs QSC-developed DSP algorithms under a customized Linux operating system running on Intel® microprocessors and motherboards. This Intel hardware already meets industry-best reliability standards and is used in many of the world’s most mission-critical projects on a powerful, open, IT-friendly foundation, the Q-SYS platform transcends the limitations in scope, performance, and usability that keep other network audio control systems from reaching their full potential.

  • Layer 3 networking: Ensures Q-SYS can run on the backbone of existing IT infrastructure eliminating the need for a dedicated audio network.
  • Industry leading hardware design: Future-proof investment in standards based software and computer technology running on Intel processors.
  • Suite of software based conferencing technology applications: Including third-generation AEC, multiple-instance SIP Softphones, Gain Sharing and Gating Automixers.
  • Unified software platform: Single training investment in one software design tool for small to large systems of all applications types.



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