Cine Pro

Large roller screen up to 12m


CINE PRO is a big dimension electric screen and it is the result of mechanical research that has lasted several years. It is available from 8 mt. to 12 mt. of width. and also in CUSTOMIZED SIZES.
Cine Pro is the best choice for cinemas or theatres. It assures the possibility to join the need to have projections and the alternative to play a performance on a stage.
The capstan-electric motor unit (the heart of the screen) which is located in the middle of the structure beam, transmits, by the approved cable, the rotation of the winding pipe determining the rise or the descent of the cloth in a silent and safe way.

This screen is supplied with a SAFETY SYSTEM which prevents the roller tube and surface to fall down.


  • Cinema – 35mm film, 2D digital, and 3D digital
  • Film production
  • Events



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